Smart water
Agua inteligente
Smart water
Intelligentes Wasser

Climate change makes smart use of water a necessity. Not only with drinking water – which is in danger of becoming a scarce commodity worldwide – but also with the water around us. The acceleration of climate change and the reports that have been published about it have made the urgency and importance of correctly dealing with water even more pressing. Clustered rainfall and sufficient drinking water are subjects that deserve active efforts, including the necessary investments. Technological developments can help with that. For example, it is possible to equip dyke and coastal reinforcements with smart sensors. This makes it easy to gauge the water level and take immediate action if problems arise.

Connected is looking at solutions to drought, flooding, clustered showers, drinking water shortages and other issues together with partners. Together we work on innovative projects.

We also think about how we can change people's behaviour. What knowledge ensures that together, we deal more consciously with opportunities and threats that come our way? It doesn't always have to be something big. Little things can help. How about more greenery in the garden instead of fully paving it? Of course, we also work on large projects, such as the creation of water squares in the city.

Europe's largest water square

Cities are increasingly having to deal with flooding after heavy rainfall. Rotterdam was also looking for a solution to this problem and thought of creating...

Coastal reinforcement

Katwijk is popular with tourists and day trippers. They mainly come to Katwijk by car. The municipality wanted a solution for the many cars in the streets...

Together we get further

Connected contributed, among other things, to the creation of Europe's biggest water square and a unique dike parking garage in Katwijk, The Netherlands.

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