Smart mobility
Movilidad inteligente
Smart mobility
Intelligente Mobilität

For a long time it sounded like science fiction: self-driving cars, vehicles that are in contact with each other and intelligent traffic control systems. With smart developments in the field of mobility happening at an ever-faster pace, smart mobility is no longer science fiction. Nu de slimme ontwikkelingen op het gebied van mobiliteit elkaar steeds sneller opvolgen, is smart mobility allang geen sciencefiction meer.

In the past 25 years, Connected has set up and implemented many (inter)national projects. Connected takes on many different roles, for example as environmental manager, (strategic) communication manager and process or project manager.

Connected's clients come from very diverse backgrounds. From ministries, provinces and municipalities to the business community and knowledge and research organisations. The associated projects fall under themes of Mobility as a Service, smart roads and public transport innovations. Initiatives for clients and our own projects always revolve around the same question: ‘How can we involve the outside world (stakeholders) in the design and implementation of programmes and projects?’ By seeking this connection, support is created.

Stakeholder acceptance accelerates and facilitates the process as parties embrace, adapt and integrate the course to be taken. Connected published the 'Mobility in the future 2030 - The Dutch finally have their say’ itself. Connected also conducts large-scale surveys on a regular basis. Connected not only works in the Netherlands, but is also active in countries such as Spain, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Kazakhstan and Ecuador.

Mobility Vision 2040

The municipality of Hilversum wanted to draw up a Mobility Vision for 2040, focusing on traffic, transport and accessibility...

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

In collaboration with the municipality of Noordoostpolder, the province of Flevoland wants to introduce Mobility as a Service (MaaS) – fine-meshed transport based...

Samen komen we verder

Connected is een pionier in de wereld van smart mobility en al jarenlang actief betrokken bij veel verschillende nationale en internationale smart mobility-projecten.

Onze organisatie werkt onder meer voor overheden (op Rijks-, provinciaal en gemeentelijk niveau), het bedrijfsleven, en kennis- en onderzoeksinstituten. Bent u benieuwd wat Connected voor u kan betekenen?

Juntos llegaremos más lejos

Connected es un pionero en el mundo de la movilidad inteligente y ha participado activamente en muchos proyectos diferentes de movilidad inteligente, nacionales e internacionales, durante muchos años.

Nuestra organización trabaja para los gobiernos (a nivel estatal, provincial y municipal), la comunidad empresarial y los institutos de investigación y conocimiento. ¿Tiene curiosidad sobre lo que Connected puede hacer por usted?

We can get further together…

Connected works with governments, businesses and knowledge institutes to keep cities, towns and countries liveable. In doing so, we always put people first.

Related projects include the Beter Benutten programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the programme to make public transport in Brisbane, Australia accessible to all.