Smart climate
Clima inteligente
Smart climate
intelligenten Klimas

The Netherlands and water are inextricably linked. Our country is always faced with rising sea levels and rivers that threaten to burst their banks. The consequences of this are enormous. In the summer of 2021, a report was released showing that climate change is happening faster than most people realize. Connected is committed to all kinds of projects related to water and climate. Some examples of such projects are listed below.

These organisations preceded you:

The Ministry of LNV, the Ministry of I&W, water authorities and various other stakeholders.

All of these organisations are making a huge effort to set up programmes and projects in the field of smart climate. Connected is happy to contribute to this by coming up with innovative ideas, bringing the outside world inside and jointly implementing new plans with a great deal of support.

Head of communication / spokesperson

At the Hoogheemraadschap van Schieland en de Krimpenerwaard (Water Authority of Schieland and Krimpenerwaard), Connected was asked to reorganise the communication team and set up and implement...

Dyke reinforcements

'Ruimte voor de rivieren' is a large project that was started in 1996 as a result of the floods in the middle of the country and the rivers bursting their banks....

Natura 2000 objectives and 'Natuurwinstplan voor de Grote Wateren'

Connected has taken care of two projects for the Ministry of LNV: the Natura 2000 objectives system and the 'Natuurwinstplan voor de Grote Wateren' (Nature value plan for the great lakes)....

Together we get further

Stakeholder and influence management are crucial components when it comes to smart climate.

Only together can we actively respond to climate change and its consequences. You can do this alone, but also in collaboration with others.