Smart city
Ciudad inteligente
Smart city
Intelligente Stadt

How do you keep a large city accessible, sustainable, healthy and liveable? Rapidly growing cities around the world are faced with that question. The latest technology and smart solutions are the answer. Wereldwijd buigen snel groeiende steden zich over die vraag. De nieuwste technologie en slimme oplossingen zijn het antwoord. By making use of this, the city transforms into a smart city in which sensors measure the crowds, air quality and noise. Real-time data shows where there are still free parking spaces or at which location a shared vehicle is available. And there are plenty of other smart solutions that keep the city liveable. The smart city is the future.

Innovation and technology often go hand in hand. By using the latest technology in cities and towns, the flow of traffic can be improved.

This applies to car traffic, but also to public transport and bicycle traffic. And better traffic flow has a positive effect on the quality of life in a city or town. Moreover, we can use technology to facilitate people with disabilities with demand-driven mobility that fits in with their way of life.

The Better Benutten Programme

The Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment is using the Beter Benutten (Better Utilisation) programme to improve road traffic flows. This includes the national ICT programme C-ITS...

Make public transport accessible

The use of public transport is not self-evident for everyone. For some people, public transport is not accessible enough, while for others it is not affordable...

We can get further together…

Connected works with governments, businesses and knowledge institutes to keep cities, towns and countries liveable. In doing so, we always put people first.

Related projects include the Beter Benutten programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the programme to make public transport in Brisbane, Australia accessible to all.