Smart mobility, smart energy, smart water, smart city, circular economy and sustainability are all hot topics. On this page you can find interesting links about these subjects. It also features articles and interviews that have been published about Connected.

More Connected


'Mobility in the future 2030 - The Dutch finally have their say' has been published in both Dutch and English.


Every last Tuesday of the month, Marco Maréchal from Connected has his own radio show on New Business Radio from 15.00 to 16.00. You can listen to the broadcasts of Smart Mobility: The Future Is Now here. Prefer to listen to the podcast of the show? You can do so here.

PR and spokesperson

In the past 15 years, Connected has been called on many times for PR and spokesmanship on all kinds of subjects. Crisis communication is one of our strengths. Many organisations have already called on us for this. For example, Connected provided (crisis) communication during the fire-fighting foam incident at Schiphol Airport, but also during floods and dyke breaches caused by clustered showers. Organisations look to Connected to answer press and public questions about, for example, the quality of swimming water and persistent drought.