‘De kracht
van Connected
is het van buiten
naar binnen denken.’
‘La fuerza de
Connected es el
poder pensar desde
afuera hacia adentro’
has a strong
ability to thinking
from the outside-In.’
‘Die Stärke von
Connected ist das
Denken von außen
nach innen.’

The creation of a vibrant water square in Rotterdam, a parking garage that at first glance seems impossible to build in the dyke reinforcement of Katwijk and a 3D model of mobility in Hilversum that is attracting international attention. It has all been entrusted to Connected Strategic Change Processes, the strategic innovation and communication consultancy that Marco Maréchal founded in 1996. Since then, it is impossible to imagine the world of mobility, quality of life and water without Connected.

With great enthusiasm and dedication, Connected commits itself to all kinds of different projects and themes. The smart projects are often a combination of innovation, (new) technologies and, more importantly, people.

It makes sense to put people first, because in the end, most projects are designed to make life easier and more enjoyable. Connected's strength is thinking from the outside in. Empathy, participation and stakeholder analysis are keywords here.


Energy and Raw Materials Factory

No waste and zero waste are key terms in the circular economy. The Union of Water Authorities (UvW) – which comprises the 21 water authorities of the Netherlands – therefore wanted to see if it was possible to recover valuable and scarce raw materials from waste water. One of these substances is biogas, which can eventually be converted into green electricity. Other products – such as alginate – are also among these scarce resources.


Mobility Vision 2040

The municipality of Hilversum wanted to draw up a Mobility Vision for 2040, focusing on traffic, transport and accessibility, as well as quality of life. In addition, this had to be a widely supported vision, so participation was an important part of the whole process.


Europe’s largest water square

Cities are increasingly having to deal with flooding after heavy rainfall. Rotterdam was also looking for a solution to this problem and thought of creating several water squares. At the same time, the city asked us to make something beautiful of Benthemplein, which was full of tiles, with not much to do. Thus the Benthemplein project was born.

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'Mobility in the future 2030'

Marco Maréchal of Connected wrote the international bestseller 'Mobility in the future 2030 - The Dutch finally have their say’.

'Mobility in the future 2030 - The Dutch finally have their say' has been published in both Dutch and English. The hardcovers are sold out. The paperbacks are still available (a few copies of the English version). The book can be ordered here!